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Every vehicle built has an onboard diagnostic (OBD) port or diagnostic link connector (DLC). The OBD2 port lies beneath the steering wheel on the driver’s side. It has a 16-pin connector usually covered with a flap or door. Every vehicle built from has an onboard diagnostic (OBD) port or diagnostic link connector (DLC). The OBD2 port lies beneath the steering wheel on the driver’s side. It has a 16-pin connector usually covered with a flap or door.

Diagnosing automotive problems utilized to be much more difficult. A mechanic needed to utilize every one of their skills to pinpoint mechanical or electrical issues. Nowadays, you can identify many problems electronically. With an OBD scanner and a little know-how, anyone can recognize precisely what’s wrong with their vehicle. What Is An OBD Scanner Modern cars have an onboard diagnostic (OBD) computer connected to different sensors. When one of the sensors detects an issue with your vehicle’s systems, it alerts the OBD. The computer then activates your Check Engine light.

Your OBD scanner will have a connection cable with a 16-pin trapezoidal plug at the end. This plug goes into your vehicle’s OBD port, also described as the diagnostic link connector (DLC). Different cars will have varied locations for the OBD port. You’ll often discover it underneath the steering wheel, someplace near the pedals. Less often, it’s located towards the facility of the control panel or even at the passenger side. If you’re having problem finding it, want to your owner’s guidebook. Put your type in the ignition, but don’t start the engine. Instead, turn your key only to the point where the car’s power comes on. TECH 2 Scanner will activate the OBD computer, so your scanner can communicate with it. Relying on your scanner, you’ll see a visual message allowing you know the link is being established.

If nothing happens, ascertain your connection to ensure that the scanner you’re plugged in all the way. If there’s still no activity from the computer, plug something into your car’s cigarette lighter and see if it’s obtaining power. The cigarette lighter and OBD computer get on the exact same circuit, so this will let you know if there’s something wrong with the electrical circuit. Because case, you’ll need to replace the corresponding fuse.

The scan tools are more costly than the code readers but these are equipped to provide advanced assistance. OBD-II car scanners not only read fault codes but also help in troubleshooting the problems. Moreover, several of these costs OBD car scanners allow customisation in coding of different parts. OBD-II scanner provides an advantage of resolving a lot of the problems as opposed to just offering codes. You can get more comprehensive information on codes in this sort of OBD car scanner.

Per se, the Check Engine light isn’t useful. It’s a catch-all light that lets you know there’s a problem– a malfunctioning sensor can even activate it. You do not know whether the problem is your ignition, transmission, discharges, electronics, and so on. But by using an OBD scanner, you can get to the root of the problem. When your OBD computer detects a problem, it stores a five-character code corresponding to that issue. These codes, referred to as OBD or OBD-II codes, are the key to diagnosing your issue. To read your OBD codes, you’ll first need to obtain an OBD scanner, a portable device with a 16-pin plug that links to your car. It also has a screen that will visually show any type of error codes.

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