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Detoxifying foot pads are usually rectangle-shaped pads that you place on the bottom of your feet. After sleeping with the foot pads on, they turn a dark color from the supposed toxins removed from your body overnight. If you are feeling sluggish or under the weather, it may be tempting to give detox foot pads a shot. Unfortunately, doing so is likely a waste of your money and time. Take heart, though, in knowing that there are simple steps you can require to ensure that your liver is properly detoxifying your body.

Detox foot pads are adhesive patches that are put on the bottom of your feet before you go to sleep in the evening. The product is left in place while you sleep. It’s claimed that ions in the pads draw toxinslike heavy metals– out of your body.When you wake up in the morning, the pads are typically tarnished and may be stained with a brown or blackish hue. The manufacturers of this product claim (incorrectly) that this is proof that harmful or toxic products were effectively removed from your body.

Detox foot pads are self-adhesive pouches designed to be placed on the soles of the feet overnight. Detox Foot Pads Color Chart behind the pads is that when placed on the bottom of the feet, they absorb toxins, heavy metals, metabolic wastes, bloodsuckers, and also cellulite from your body as you sleep. By morning, the once white foot pads would show up darkened, which would allegedly signify that the pads had actually leached toxins from your body overnight. The more you use these pads, the less dark the pads end up being gradually.

Unfortunately, most of the claims made by the makers of detox foot pads are both false and deceptive. There is no evidence that the pads cleanse the body or that they can be used to treat any medical condition. As a matter of fact, not only could this product be both a waste of money and time, yet its ingredients can actually cause harmful negative effects, as noted below. Foot pad manufacturers often point to modifications in the color of the patch as proof that toxins are being removed from the body. This claim, however, is also inaccurate.

Many detox foot pads contain wood or bamboo vinegar. Wood vinegar’s active component is pyroligneous acid. When it comes into contact with the skin, pyroligneous acid can cause inflammation and burns. The vapors can also result in dizziness. Some people may also have an allergic reaction in response to detox foot pads. Anyone who experiences side effects from using detox foot pads should stop using them immediately. If they experience difficulty breathing, they should require emergency help.

The dark color that is often seen on these pads after use is actually a result of the wood vinegar that they are instilled with. When this compound is mixed with the perspiration from your foot, a color change occurs. In fact, the very same blackish or brownish hue can also be seen if the patch is spritzed with tap water. While people spend huge amounts of time and money trying to clean their bodies of toxins, for the most part body cleansing is unnecessary. This is because your body has its very own natural methods of removing harmful substances, as described below.

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